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Ilan Kriger e MERA – Last Lesson Ilan Kriger and MERA – Last Lesson

[audio: Last Lesson.mp3]

This music was conceived in just over 10 hours of work.  The composition, mixing and mastering was done by me and 4 students of the training course of musical production AIMEC (International Music Academy). The students are Marcelo Pereira, Erik Schoppen, DjAlbini and Renan Balaroti.  Not to have “fights” and  loss of time with good ideas but does not match, the theme was set at the start of this music would be a crossover with: House, Techno and Electro House.

I’m pleased with the reaction that this track is causing, I believe that by its very simplicity.

This is the first article of a series in which I will make, with Ableton Live sets, these posts you will find: (click the link to download).

Why all of this?

  • Original track:

So you know how sound the original track, them you can compare if your remix or new version.

  • Full (áudio, midi, effects) Ableton Live set (version 8.0.3);

If you use this sequencer, you will have the chance to study, modify, remix the original work.. With this you will have the chance to learn more about music production. The whole song and the elements that are available for free download on the Creative Commons license, with that you can adapt and modify without restriction, the only detail is that you must cite the source.

  • Samples for remix:

If you do not the use Ableton Live (or are not using the version 8), you can do a remix or new song with the samples.

  • Tutorial on video:

You can use this to learn about how the elements have been modified and modulated in the original track, with it, will be easier to develop yours ideas.

What do I need to use the full live set:

Ableton 8.0.3 (PC or Mac)

Other softwares:

I used some plug-ins that are not native from Ableton Live, you have the option to buy them or use the demo software, to take complete advantage of all the possibilities of the Live Set, I left these channels with these elements freezes, so you can use them as audio sourcers, but you  will not be able to edit it in depth.

Did you like this kind of article?  It will improve their production?